Projects & Bids

Over the years we have built up wealth of experience in working as part of a European Transnational Project Team and we have a large range of international contacts across Europe and beyond. We are able to work with clients on bid preparation work and project management if successful. We can also offer partner finding services for employment related EU projects.

Project evaluation

We are able to offer independent external evaluation for any projects you may be running whether in the UK or outside. We have many years’ experience in either direct external project evaluation or setting the parameters for evaluation to take place.

You can find more information on projects Jaymac has worked on below:


Social Innovation Zone – a transnational space for social entrepreneurs

Period: 2018 – 2020 Overall Objectives: Gathering best practices and tools from each partner in the topics:  social economy, social entrepreneurship and  social innovations – translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, German and Romanian Summarizing the practices and the tools in e-book library….read more

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