Social Innovation Zone

Period: 2018 – 2020

Overall Objectives:

Gathering best practices and tools from each partner in the topics: 3 social economy, 3 social entrepreneurship and 3 social innovations – translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, German and Romanian
Summarizing the practices and the tools in e-book library – translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, German and Romanian (with the participation of all partners)
Six (6) short-term joint staff visits of experts to partnering organizations for exploring the practices
Work sphere: Labour Market, Social Inclusion and Integrated Services

Type of action: Research and Innovation

Client: Erasmus +


1.”AUR”- Asociatia Nationala a Specialistilor in Resurse, Romania;
2. Jaymac Consulting Ltd,United Kingdom;
3. Arjé Formación SL, Spain
4. Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières, France
5. Berufliches Bildungs- und Rehabilitationszentrum Österreich, Austria
6 M.Art, Spain


Development of a model for identifying potential social entrepreneurs among the target groups
Development of a model of career guidance in social economy and entrepreneurship
Development of training program in social economy, entrepreneurship and innovation
Development of social entrepreneurship real life game

Social Business - The Game

Hello, future social entrepreneurs!

Welcome to the game “Social Business: The Game”. Our platform will give you the opportunity to test yourself in the role of prospective entrepreneurs in the field of social economy, to increase your knowledge in this field, to understand what you need to improve to be complete in your work. The aim of this game is to fill the lack of information in this direction by giving a clear definition of social entrepreneurship, to give methodological guidelines for potential social entrepreneurs on how ordinary people could build their own social and sustainable small business. We want to present you with tools and opportunities on how everyone can develop their own idea of ​​a social enterprise, first analyzing it to see to what extent it is feasible, and then check how sustainable this business would be over time. As part of the game in which you are about to get involved, we have outlined a step-by-step approach to starting your social enterprise and we have focused on several key issues related to the development of social business.

It’s time to start!

Let’s head to the first stage of our game, which will help you discover your entrepreneurial inclinations and skills. Successful completion will open the way to the next stage of our journey in the world of social entrepreneurship.

You can download the game and its modules from links below:

Social Business – The Game

Once you have played Social Enterprise – the Game have a look at the kind of training available to you as a budding Social Entrepreneur.  This training is modular and learners can complete the modules in any order.

The Modules

Social Business – The Game Flyer

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